How To Expose A Card Cheat

In the course of card distribution

A professional cheat is very difficult to expose, but you can expose him if you calculate the system on which he plays. In order to avoid the cheating game in the course of card distribution, it is necessary before the game to agree with your opponent on the rules of card distribution and some conditions.

  • The first one. On a table on which play should not be any extraneous and superfluous subjects, it concerns lighters, toothpicks, cutting subjects, subjects with reflecting surfaces, except for handles and sheets for record keeping. While playing, the pen shall lie on the table. It is impossible to take it in hands as with its help it is possible to make a mark on the map. Around you and behind you should not be any people, including spectators, among whom may be an accomplice cheat. The lighting in the room must be bright. No player should go anywhere during the game: to the toilet, smoke, etc.
  • Second. The deck is opened and checked with all cards in all suites, each card must be represented in each of the suits, i.e. there must be 4 aces of different suits, 4 kings of different suits and so on.
  • The third. The drawing of the kernel of cards should differ slightly, preferably not at all, as any differences in cards indicate a particular card. I would recommend playing just that the printed deck, although it is also not the fact that it will be “prepared” deck.
  • The fourth. The deck should have flat edges, no cards should protrude, if one of the cards protrudes 1 mm or more, then this card is an auxiliary tool for the cheater, usually from the deck protrude curved cards. Therefore, it is also necessary to replace the deck.
  • Fifth. The surrender’s hands should be above the table, it is forbidden to take them away from the table line. To change the deck cheat requires 1-2 seconds. To do this, he must lower his hands below the level of the table or move them towards his clothes.
  • The sixth. The deck is shuffled with stacks of cards, not one card at a time. One sign that you have a cheat in front of you is that the cards are shuffled one at a time, and surrender two or three cards each.
  • Seven. After shuffling a deck it is necessary to make removal of cards, which should be done not in the hands of the cheat, and on the table. Cheat for this usually use a fake shooting. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary that the surrender put the deck on the table, and then in plain sight of all took part of the deck of cards and put them next to each other, then on the removed part put the remaining untouched part of the deck and align the cards so that the deck was a single whole and there was no visible line dividing the deck. The cards must be flat. If one-half of the cards are slightly bent, then the correct sign of the cheat, in this case, you can ask to replace the deck and say about this fact that the cards after shuffling steel slightly bent.
  • Eighth. Cards are given only one at a time. To do this, you need to give out cards in succession only from above the deck and only one card each.