About Card Cheaters

Card Trikster

The cheaters came along with the playing cards. All the manipulations with the cards they brought us are classics. To improve them is already difficult, and to invent new techniques is almost impossible. To date, these techniques have come technical tricks, where more and more often there are electronics: in gambling houses under the green cloth laid scanners, the walls are mounted video systems, met in the cards of thin metal threads and embeddings, which responds to a special device in one of the players, etc. But classical techniques can not replace anything and they are indispensable where access to technical devices is limited. Therefore, true cheaters sharpen their skills in prisons and colonies.

Currently, there are many types of cheaters, but they mainly come down to two types – professionals and not professionals. Professionals are those who make money for a living by cheating, respectively, not professionals, of which few are those who use their cheating skills for fun, playing, in the company, maybe even for money, money, in this case, is of interest.

Professionals are divided into large and small. Big is those who play for money big in special institutions or in specially equipped places for this purpose. They play big, their stakes are high. They play mostly with those who have a lot of money.

Small cheaters work mainly at railway stations, in trains and in crowded places. Externally, they do not stand out from the crowd of ordinary people. Bets on the game from small cheaters are not high and they mostly take a little money, cheating ordinary people. These cheaters are excellent psychologists, can easily drive a person to the game and can easily take it to the thread. Usually it is important for them to make a person at least once to play.

Then the person is given to win several games in a row, luring the win and at the last moment, when the stakes are high, cheat takes all the money from the game by fraud. Among the tricks that use a cheat, there are tricks that use card tricks. These are false shuffles, and volts, and substitution card or deck, etc.