Cheat Gestures

Finger Alarm System

To use a finger alarm system cheat requires an accomplice, who uses his fingers to transmit information about the opponent’s cards and can also receive information from the cheat player about his cards. It all starts with the fact that after receiving the cards from the handler cheat must hold the cards with two hands fan. With his left hand he holds the cards, and with his right hand he corrects and places them in a convenient order.

The thumb of the left hand and the thumb of the right hand are on the front side of the cards, they do not participate in the exchange of information. Other fingers of both hands transmit information about the suit and card values in one fixed display. The duration of the transmission is unlimited and can be anything from one moment to several minutes. Index, middle, ring fingers and pinky fingers of both hands take part in the alarm system. 4 fingers of the left hand are always on the shirt of fan cards, and 4 fingers of the right hand are in different positions, can be on the shirt or on the face of cards. It all depends on the code of the transmitted information.

Usually, left-hand fingers carry information about the suit of the card in a single code, and right-hand fingers carry information about the value of the card in the binary code. The table shows how the left-hand fingers show the suit of the card.