Fake Cards

Curved maps

This cheat technique is used directly during the game. When the cheater needs to sweep a few cards, he makes a slight slight wrinkle on the corners of these cards on the left side or bends the corner of the card in the direction of the inside. From this change, the card gets a small shade if you look at the card, for example, on the side. In addition, the map is easily detectable to the touch. Usually 2 diagonally opposite corners of the card, slightly bent in one direction, can indicate cards of the same suit, for example, if this bent corners of all cards of the same suit. Any similar bending can mark all cards of the same suit, say aces. This technique is widely used in the game Picket when the cheater marks all the aces and tries to give them to himself.

Dyed Cards

To date, the methods of card dyeing have reached such a level that it is simply impossible to distinguish dyeing cards from ordinary ones without special equipment. Modern technology allows the use of infrared spotting, which can be seen only with special contact lenses. Poker analyzers are also used, which not only read the deck by invisible marks on the ends of the cards, but also speak in the microphone earpiece about who will win the current distribution.

These and other advances in modern science have made it almost impossible to detect a burl. But in this article we will talk about the old days, when the use of speckled cards was associated with an unprecedented risk, required considerable skill and long training.